Smile Packs &

Traveling Variety Show


What is a Smile Pack?                      

Smile Pack is a box containing books, games, DVD’S, card quilts, gift cards, and more. When a child receives this special package in the mail, it makes them feel special and happy since many times they are not allowed visitors are away from friends and family. The simple card quilt cheers them up and makes their bare white hospital walls, look colorful and bright.  Mail us the package when completed or email us for an address.

The Kids Who Care Traveling Variety Show brings joy to children with chronic medical conditions by putting on  a variety of acts to entertain them. This includes puppet shows, magic tricks, singing silly songs, dancing, and having FUN!! Contact us to schedule/sponsor a show or to be a part of the show to share your talent, please fill out this form.

What does the Kids Who Care Traveling Variety Show do?

a Smile Pack for a child in a hospital

Steps to the Making of Quilt Cards

As easy as 1-2-3...                                                                   

Quilts Needed: Cheer Up, Birthday & Holiday Greetings                         

  1. 1. Just gather enough colored 8 ½” by 11” colored paper and cut it half.  Postcard size.  Do not fold     

  2. 2. Write a cheer up wish on the card, with drawings to make it colorful.  Use markers and stickers only.  You can put your first name and organization’s name on the bottom right of the card or even stick a group pic of your group on one of the cards.  You can draw, cut out Sunday comics, write poems, jokes, make word puzzles, tic-tac toe, and be as creative as you wish!  You can even think of a theme: for example, summer fun at the beach, or traveling through Hawaii, or a sea world theme. 

  3. 3.Once the cards are finished, simply lay them on a table, 4 going vertical and 5 going horizontal, leaving room for the flyer for middle of card quilt and Smile Pack label for your quilt (download/print) for the center of the finished quilt. If you browse through this website, you will see samples throughout the photos. Stick these cards onto a butcher paper with glue and then laminate them.  If lamination is not available, use clear packing tape.  Fold it an accordion way and put it in a box with some gifts. Draw a smiley face on the box and your Smile Pack is ready!!!

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